Zara Set | Jeffery Campbell Sandals | Sonique Saturday Fanny Pack

Hey Lovelies! Realistically, it’s a rare occasion that you’ll find me dressed like this on any given  Saturday during the daytime, but if I could have it my way, this would ideally be my “Saturday Style” or something along these lines. In my dream world, I’d be out running errands while looking fabulously, glamorously, and effortlessly chic. Reality is, I’m usually running around town in God Is My Source sweats, or I’m buried in bed because I’ve run myself all the way into the ground from the week which is basically me in pajamas – if that! Truthfully, it’s usually the former because I’m always pushing through – whatever the circumstance may be. After all, dreams work unless you do….! 

Nonetheless, of course, it’s another matching set! Did I earn my crown for being the matching sets queen yet? If not, it’s ok, I’ll keep on keeping on until I’ve earned it! BUT, love love love this lime number from  ZARA! The lime green hue is like perfection, and since neon is all the way this season, I have a feeling I’m going to get good use out of it, as a set and as separates. I did rock this tlook to a friend’s birthday gathering recently, making sure it didn’t just go to waste. However, would have totally loved to have worn this on any given Saturday for errands, until the luxe life manifests, I’ll keep it cute with my GIMS gear for Saturday moves, lol! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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