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Hey Lovelies! The other day I walked passed a gentleman who said, “hey there beautiful “ROSEBUD”, fancy giving me a smile?” As I looked up to see who’d said that, I laughed for a few reasons. Initially I was tickled because I knew this guy wasn’t from here and was super curious his origin and whereabouts here. I rarely here men refer to women as rosebuds, that just isn’t too common nowadays. Come to think of it, I don’t hear the word used often unless referring to an actual rosebud or used in a more explicit manner (yikes). Which brings me to why I was tickled even more, was he referencing me as a pretty, innocent part of a flower, or something way more derogatory (meanwhile in his striking British accent)! Nonetheless, hoping for the former, but if not oh well! 

Major thank you’s to TAGS Boutique for sending me this pretty pastel “Rosebud” sweater. In lieu of spring’s arrival, a piece like is quite perfect for season transitioning. Actually, in my mind, fall is pretty much here; wishful thinking, but I’m counting down the days. I love winter – the cold weather and the opportunity to layer. However, there’s no season like spring. Nevertheless, TAGS Boutique was super gracious to allow me to style this sweater. Although it’s still winter and white is typically forbidden to wear, I broke the rules and pair it with a off-white-ish jean-esque pant. I really love the fit of the sweater and how there’s subtle sexy vibes to it. I’ll spare you how subtle sexy is my thing as I’ve mentioned in every previous sexy-ish post, lol! The pants/jeans are a really nice texture and couldn’t get over how dope the ripple effect is. Wearing a body chain sort of draws more attention to the sweater and also add a nice little sexy flavor too. They’ve been around for some time now, but I still like to wear them from time to time. I did not tag this one, but I purchased it from the BP section in Nordstrom some time ago. There are several less expensive versions of these at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Icing. I also saw some in Aldo the other day as well. Finally, finally, finally brought out my one of my new boos. I han’t really been wearing gold lately so I’d neglected one of my newest loves, but I figured it would compliment the my sweater and add a little “umph” to my gifted product. One of my favorite tricks to do is to mix higher end accessories with every day items. When I do this, I’ve been known to catfish individuals in thinking my wardrobe looks something like Marjorie Harvey! Ok, that’s a little farfetched, lol, but in all seriousness, it helps enrich your look! Oh, btw, not sure if I mentioned but Marjorie Harvey is like my style crush. It’s on my bucket list to go shopping with her one and to also sit and just chat fashion with her. She is style goals! She’s killing the game at age 50! If anyone who knows me has her link, don’t be stingy. Pass it over! 😉MSsignature

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