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Vintage Denim two piece ::  Aldo sandals  :: Quay Sunnies :: Aldo stacked rings 

Hey Lovelies! When fashion recycles trends, my heart always flutters especially when  a trend I actually remember as little girl comes back around. Although I wasn’t born in the 70’s (I’m an 80’s baby), I certainly remember owning a pair of bell bottom jeans in my elementary school days. I briefly saw this disco era trend make its way back in high fashion this past spring and while I didn’t see many fashion bloggers embrace the 70’s era flares, you guys know I totally obsessed over them because the seventies is one of my favorite fashion decades. I found this retro denim two piece awhile back in a thrift store! As an infrequent thrift store shopper, I felt pretty lucky to have found something as awesome as this set. I did have to alter the pants of course due to my short girl problems, but other than that small hiccup, this retro denim fit absolutely perfect. I choose to accessorize this look with gold to really play up the gold button details. By playing up the gold detailing, I felt this added a semi modern twist to the look.

On another note, I previously mentioned being an infrequent thrift store shopper. For me I’m the type of shopper who always knows exactly what I want to purchase. The whole having to look through racks and finding sizes idea sort of drains me and I’ll be the first to admit I lack in the patience department (I’m working on that, lol). Perhaps I missing the whole fun in thrifting, because I’m sure “the hunt” is what makes the experience all the more rewarding. Additionally, since I do typically shop knowing what I want to purchase in mind, this works against thrifting because rarely can you thrift with something specific in mind. I do give back, however. Once clothes have made their rounds in my wardrobe or I spring clean, I usually gift them to someone whom I think may have some use for specific pieces. Everything else is donated to a donation center. What are you guys thoughts on thrifting? What do you guys do with clothes you no longer have any use for? 


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