Puma X Sophia Webster 

Hey Lovelies! Over the moon that I had the opportunity to film the entire collection from the Puma X Sophia Webster release. First things first, Sophia Webster has been and will probably forever and always be my favorite shoe designer. I’ve wrote about her time and time again before, but I will never get tired of saying how (in my opinion) she’s the most creative shoe designer to date. Sure, there are many many many other designers who I love and think are creative geniuses (on the shoe front) as well, but Sophia shows up and out every single darn time; how many picture perfect flamingo shoes have you ever seen? Her boldness and not-afraid-to-take-risk is what attracts me most to her footwear and when I found out that she was collaborating with Puma, I couldn’t have been any happier. I’m also over the moon that I received almost every single item in the collection. If you didn’t get a chance to snag a few of these amazing items visit sophiawebster.com or puma.com because there some dope items from the collab still available! Go ahead and click play to see how I styled the collection…….! 


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