Puma Sweatsuit (old)| Puma Tennis Shoes

Hey Lovelies! Recently, women are still battling a whole plethora of injustices. Whether it’s unfair pay or inappropriate sexualization and objectification, there’s no denying that there’s still a lot of work to be done before absolute equality of the sexes is achieved. Puma is one of the brands stepping forward in seeking to influence a positive change; also seeking to show that there is no ‘right’ way to be a woman is backing their #DOYOU campaign, assisting women to express themselves clearly and with full freedom….. Let’s keep it going – goal chasing, accomplishing our dreams, breaking barriers, building another up instead of tearing each other down!!! We got this!!! ✌?❤️?

Puma occasionally hosts events surrounding their #doyou campaign which brings together like minded individuals who also support this very important cause! I enjoy attending these events because I think it’s incredibly important that we continue fighting to bring awareness surrounding injustices that matter! Many thanks to Puma for keeping me in the loop and allowing me to participate in something that MATTERS! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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