Vici Dolls Dress | Lola Shoetique Sandals

Hey Lovelies! Flowers, unique clothes are among a few things that I consider to be “Pretty Things.” I have a secret, I’m obsessed with flowers, but  I guess that’s not much of a secret because every few posts or so are of a floral print. So you guys knew that I’m sure, right?! Duhhhhh! 

Fun fact, I’ve always always always wanted a picture perfect flower bush shot like this. Sure, it’s quite instagramable, but I’ve always wanted a shot like this just for my own keepsake. I often time print these photos of myself, especially the really really nice ones! One days I hope to publish  a book of my best shots – shhhh don’t steal my idea! Jk. I’m quite sure it’s been done before and if not, I’m certain no two would look the same….. 

Moreover, I’m quite lucky to have found my picture perfect flower backdrop in my neighborhood – actually hanging off the frontside of home. My photog and I unfortunately spotted this pretty background at the peak of the sun hour and on a windy day – hence my squinty eyes, very few photos, and windblown flap. Not to worry, we did the best we could and I’m hoping to and get another photo opportunity here again one day soon, especially since it’s only but a few blocks away from my residence.

Not bad for a first try though, right?!? Plus, I’m still a fairly happy camper, I mean why wouldn’t I be? I’m surrounded by a few pretty things! 


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