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Hey Lovelies! Let’s chat PASSION! In lieu of soul searching, brand reinvention, and determining my life’s direction as of late, the reoccurring theme I’ve either read in books or am being  asked when I talk to individuals regarding my thoughts and concerns, is what’s your true PASSION!?! I guess I’m sorta a late bloomer, but narrowing down and knowing exactly what your passion is extremely vital to one’s success! Ok, duh, I know this, but the narrowing down part has been a major challenge. Reason being, I am passionate about so many things, always have been, so choosing something specifically to focus on hasn’t exactly been exactly easy peasy for me.

They say once you know your passion, you’re on the road to achieving the upmost happiness in life…. 

  • God
  • Helping others
  • Making people feel good
  • Designing 
  • Creating 
  • Learning 
  • Traveling 
  • Fashion 
  • Music 
  • Food 
  • Animals 
  • Family
  • Friends 
  • Love

And the list goes on and on are things I absolutely love and passionate about. In reflecting on how I live my life, what I write about in my blogposts, even my Instagram content and captions all reflect the aforementioned topics almost daily. Until recently,  I never realized that by me passionately covering so many things in my blog/social media outlets, I might confuse those who actually support me and turn off potential supporters, followers, and clients. I’ve always been under the impression that the broader the better because I could potentially appeal to more individuals that way. Welp, what a  slap in my face guys and gals because I’m finding that broadening your passions and focuses you’re cant nurture those you influence. For example, let’s say I’m a really talented opera singer, it might not be as successful  if I transition in to rapping, or trying to become a country superstar. However, if I continue appealing to my opera genre, I might achieve more success that way. 

Honestly speaking, I’ve felt slightly stuck as to how I can allow my brand to grow more than it has, while helping others in the areas I am passionate about. I’m really grateful in some odd way for this however, because being in the space is forcing me to realign and rediscover why I even started a blog in the first place. Life often happens this way, and although in some moments  I might feel frustrated or defeated, it’s behooves me and those of you who can relate to take a moment to get back on track and figure out whatever we need to in order to fulfill our passions. 

I personally get a high off of proving that dreams in life are achievable with hard work. I share my fashion style, adventures, lifestyle, loved ones, and travels because I think it’s important to show people that anyone can live a life full of passion and extraordinary moments. My goal has always been to change and affect people’s lives by showing them that finding their passion is the key to turning dreams into reality. Consistency is key! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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