Swimsuits For All One Piece 

Hey Lovelies! The time is now to absolutely OWN IT! We’re living in a day and time where so many of us either fall into the “go-getter” or “follower” categories and the sad reality is that more and more often, we’re ok with following, being influenced, and not having a mind of our own. Don’t get me wrong, we all look up to and/or are influenced in some aspect of our lives (religion, politics, work, lifestyle, etc.), but somehow we’ve allowed  society, our environments, and surroundings to ok the fact that it’s cool to not have a mind of our own whatsoever! Doesn’t this bother you?!? We’re even being heavily influenced by platforms on all platforms which now suggest who we should follow or like, and well with social media, I think humanity  is at an all-time brainwashed high! WAY TO GO! No, I’m not bashing social media, I actually need and use this platform daily, but with the good comes the bad unfortunately. 

Take it from someone who’s decided to choose the path of  go/goal-getting, while the process might seem extremely tumultuous and even weary at some points, I encourage you to continue encouraging yourselves and just own it – LIFE, that is, because you were meant for this! You were meant to have a mind of your own! You were meant to follow your own heart! You were meant to think your own thoughts, make your own decisions, accomplish your own dreams, etc.. You certainly weren’t made to be a follower (literally)! 

Now you may be thinking, what’s this gotta do with the pictures of you posing in swimwear today? Well if you give me a few moments, I’ll explain… A lot times we get so caught up in not OWNING It, because we lack self-confidence or we’re afraid of the opinions of others. We actually lookout and wait for the approval of our peers. My inner thoughts keep reminding that this is NOT how life is supposed to be! We are not suppose to second guess ourselves! Instead, we built to have an innate characteristic known as CONFIDENCE which we must begin tapping more into! 

Bottom line, I know people can be a little nervous about swimsuits, but here’s a little secret, just have some fun with it. Believe you can hold it down! If you believe you can hold it down, you can wear it and OWN IT! Remember mind over matter, in all things! As for the swimwear, who cares if you have cellulite or dimples, or aren’t confident with what you’re body looks like right now, here’s another little secret, we all have it and if we don’t we’re actively working to change the things we don’t like! Or, if we aren’t doing that, the photos you see of the women who portray perfect bodies are most likely photoshopped and if they’re not, please please please tell me your ways, lol!

I speak from  real life and experience. I literally should be endorsed by all the cellulite creams ever made or known to mankind; I’ve tried countless methods and brands that are suppose to target getting rid of and/or minimalizing God awful cellulite. Can’t say I’ve been 100% successful in finding “the one” either. So, I’ve learned to just deal with it! 

Nonetheless, here you’ll catch me in my #swimsuitsforall swimsuit channelling my inner swimwear model vibes, holding it down (lol)!!  @swimsuitsforall has stylish swimwear for Sizes 4 and up that accommodate any age and body type and since I’m assuming that we’re all spending more time outdoors this season, hanging around the beach or poolside, #swimsuitsforall is your go-to for swimwear that fits great, is supportive, and never compromises quality!! 

Want to shop my look click this link…..  http://bit.ly/2Ll2852

Remember, you were born for this, whatever “this” might be, so OWN IT! Love you! Do you! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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