Orange You Glad?

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Hey Lovelies! Orange you glad? It’s Monday?!? It’s a fresh opportunity to chase those dreams, accomplish those goals, and make a difference in your life and perhaps even the lives of others!!! With that said, happiest Monday to each of you!!

If I’m being 100% transparent, Mondays this year have not been my favorite and I’ve experienced quite a few weeks of Monday Blues! Not that my weekends are overly amazing or anything lol, but I’ve felt exhausted and stressed on several 2018 Mondays. The majority of that has to do with some personal life changes/experiences this year. Needless to say and as you can imagine, the start of my workweeks haven’t been all the best. I didn’t realize what was going on with me until I started journaling regularly which lead me to detect the trend. I knew I was suppose to be motivated and gearing up to have a productive week, but somehow it never happened that way, until it did…. 

I’m really hard on myself (not a good trait, I know) and when I feel like I’m lacking or unmotivated I quickly try and snap myself out if it, if I have the power and will to do so.  Having experienced consecutive weeks of Monday Blues has been a serious WARNING sign for me. I know for sure when I am happy and excited about Mondays, those are the best/productive weeks I have. I’ve been toiling with some personal career decisions which hasn’t been the absolute easiest as late. I was also feeling under-appreciated and unsatisfied with my job which made it difficult to start yet another workweek.  As a result, my passion surrounding doing what I love had decrease and there wasn’t much to be excited for. However, recent projects have enabled me to experience those positive feelings again because I’m afforded the opportunity to do what I love.

I will say this, writing down my thoughts and journaling my feelings significantly helped me to identify my issues. From there I was able to create alternative solutions, prepare differently, and work towards creating the life I truly desire. Journaling also helped me create a space of positivity. You’d be surprised at how far an attitude of gratitude will get you! I cannot express how important it is to take time to recognize and appreciate. In some odd way, this helped to limit my complaining which only contributed to space of more negativity.

Nonetheless, my Monday Blues have dwindled gratefully which brings back to my initial question,  “Orange you glad, it’s Monday?” My sincerest wishes are that you’re genuinely in a positive/productive space and that your Monday is enjoyable and productive. If not, take some time to and work through it. It won’t last forever, if you so choose  not allow it to! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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