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Hey Lovelies! It’s Friday, my favorite F word, as cliché as it sounds. I’m so happy to have gotten through the week because I felt like I was coming down with a mini stomach virus situation, but it seems to have passed with the antibiotics I’ve been taking. Thank goodness! Aside from that and some neck/back pain, it was a pretty decent week! Productivity and knocking out goals makes me a happy girl always!

As I further continue my road of reflection, a thought dawned that I wanted to share. So I  started thinking about what benefits optimism as a trend could truly be! Fashion has been my escapism since pre-school era, a few decades now, allowing me to witness trends reinvented over and over again. There hasn’t been one moment in my life that the idea of dress-up didn’t  instantaneously make me happy or provoke me to feel confidence or positivity. I look around and I still see people really going though it, even me at times…. God got us all, I don’t doubt that, but adopting a little optimism in our lives surely can’t harm us either. We desperately need hopefulness surrounding successful outcomes in our future. Don’t get me wrong, I do realize that fashion is materialism with expectation to bring temporary gratification, but there’s still something hopeful about decorating your body for some purpose than just utility. There’s so many fashionistas parlaying around and several new designers immersing theirselves into the fashion world, which leads me to believe that some of  us have adopted fashion as optimistic outlets. I can’t blame us, it’s much more healthier than sad and gloom. 

My role as a fashionista is to decorate and enhance my inside beauty. In not so good moments of my life, I also utilize fashion as a camouflage. All in all, I do believe that fashion can hide or distract from the sad, the monotonous, and the hopelessness that often plague our daily feeds. Lifehacker notes that escapism is just a way of recharging your batteries, like a daydream we just need to step out of reality for a moment. Plus it’s actually good for your brain, because without a little daily distraction, you can actually burn out much more easily.

If you’re still with me, lol, think about this last crazy thought of mine. Ever wonder why teddy coats and dad shoes are super trendy right now? I’m a fan of them both, btw, but I actually view accessories like dad shoes and teddy outwear in a metaphoric way to not take ourselves too serious.  Themed and fun clothing and outfits reminds us that humans aren’t meant to act and be all serious every day. It’s ok to have fun, look fun, and be as optimistic as we desire! Is fashion your outlet? Sure, it’s won’t be an outlet for everyone, but I love the idea that fashion can spark joy with the masses. 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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