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TopShop Mini Skirt :: H&M Blouse :: Shoedazzle Pumps :: Mirina Collections Necklace 

Hey Lovelies! Close your eyes. Place your left palm on your heart, right palm on top. Breathe slowly, deeply expanding the heart into the palms. Quiet the mind. Massage the heart, coax it to speak. Then wait. Listen closely. It might be a whisper at first but slowly & certainly she will answer, she wants to tell you so much! Invite her to tell you all that you’ve been longing to hear. – Stacy Anuttara Newfeld 

If you just partook in that exercise, that’s pretty close to understanding the true essence of an open heart. If I had to explain this concept in terms of action form, I would probably suggest one to think of it like this. Living and loving with an open heart feels extremely parallel to the wildest roller coaster you’ve ever known; it’s exciting, at points even thrilling, there are a few terrifying spots, but when the ride is over, you’ll want to ride it over and over again to the point of you gushing your emotion about your experience to anyone who might just listen. Moreover, I personally know first hand how it feels to live with an open heart. In fact, this is me on a daily basis and although it hasn’t always been easy, living with an open heart has taught me above all, the greatest perspective in life – that the essence of our true self is LOVE. As individuals, we must forgive, hear, and feel the depths of our emotions before acquiring the space to connect deeper and higher. As a result, this open heart space allows us to reflect divine love and light for another. Now doesn’t that seem awesome?!?! Take it from someone first hand, having an open heart is one of the best qualities an individual can possess because……. an open heart is a heart that feels comfortable saying: “Let’s try.” “We’ll find a way.” “Let’s learn something new.” An open heart is a heart that is not afraid; it knows how to endure sadness. It knows how to heal and how to forgive. It is strong and loving. An open heart is not exclusively feminine or masculine. At its most basic, an open heart is a heart that is not afraid to love deeply. It is not blind to cost, or reason, or practicality–but it’s not necessarily governed by those factors either. An open heart sees possibilities. It has vision. It is patient, it is wise.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking right now, “is this a fashion blog, or lifestyle rant,” lol??! BUT, if I’m being completely honest, it’s a little bit of both. Someone gifted me this clutch a while back and I actually forgot I had it until I went through my accessories the other day. Of course, I was mad at myself for not finding this little gem around Valentine’s Day, but I decided to go ahead and still blog it, although the “Love Day” has come and gone. Veering away from being too V-day festive, I paired the clutch with a simple mini from Top Shop I scored on sale the other day and this simple, yet chic blouse from H&M. Both of these pieces are something I might were for work, however, the bow shoes give this look the pop I was in need of just in case I decided to wear this for a casual date night! 


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