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Hey Lovebugs! You know that o’le saying about money not being able to buy your happiness?!? Well, I definitely had one of those moments this past Monday, 08.03.15! I took a mini trip to Canada for three days and visited the most beautiful place I’ve seen to date, Niagara Falls! These waterfalls (there are actually three, instead of one) are absolutely breathtaking and nothing short of God’s amazingness. I could actually kick myself for not bringing my DSLR camera because I know I would have captured some pretty awesome shots, but I did take a few on my iPhone to share with you guys. I did however, feel compelled to share this experience with you guys and wanna urge you guys if you haven’t already visited here, please go do so, like yesterday, because it’ll be absolutely unforgettable. Visiting the falls relieved me from all my stress and worries Overall Niagara Falls was such a surreal feeling and I thank God and the people who accompanied me for such a rewarding time. 

 The Experience?!?! There are two ways to experience Niagara Falls, the Canadian side or the American side. I flew into Toronto, so my viewpoint is all from the Canadian perspective. The waterfalls of Niagara Falls are located on the Niagara River which connects two of the five Great Lakes – Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Collectively the waterfalls are named Niagara Falls. They consist of three different waterfalls. The American Falls, the Bridal Veil in the USA, and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in Canada. There is a river called the Niagara River which serves as an international border between the USA and Canada. I stayed in downtown Toronto at the Trump Towers (which was one of the best 5 stars hotels I’ve stayed at). However, the hotel was about 1.5 hours away from the falls. Due to the distance, we took a private charter bus that drove us to falls and other various places that I’ll talk about a little later. The overall private bus experience was quite pleasant as the bus was very clean, the seats were leather and reclined, there were phone chargers accessible to each passenger, a restroom on board, and all around comfortable. Our tour guide also played a big role in making our travels pleasant because she was quite knowledgeable, pointing out various points of interests. She also had this quirky sense of humor, which was nice. I don’t remember the exact name of the tour we took, however the name of the company  we toured with was “Gray Line” and we selected an all day tour. I mentioned earlier that we made a few stops, the first obviously being the three falls. We were given about an hour take pictures and to take in the beautiful scenery… After which, the tour bus drove us to a nearby hotel to have lunch. Lunch was buffet style and the food was quite tasty. The icing on the cake was being about 20 floors up and looking out a glass window at the falls the entire time! After we finished lunch, we were escorted to a boat dock. We boarded the Horn Blower and were given complimentary raincoats. The boat ride was so awesome, during the tour we were able to get up close and personal with the American Falls and the Canadian Falls which were the two larger falls. A little disclaimer, there are plenty places on the boat to get extremely wet, so come prepared. As for me, my sole purpose was to take in the falls and make memories so, I stayed on the dryer side whilst taking pictures and videos. After the boat ride concluded, the bus took us to an area for helicopter rides for an aerial view of the falls. Immediately following this, we went to a little quaint town outside the Falls, and our last stop was to a winery to have a short wine tasting experience. Talk about an awesome, adventurous, educational, and fun day all in one! This day was nothing short of any of those things. Nevertheless, I will say, I was quite beat by the end of the day, but well worth it, for sure!!

I am not sure when i’ll have the chance to visit this place again, but I will again in my lifetime God willing and I totally recommend you do so if also if you haven’t already. There are no limits to God’s awesomeness and I am amazed at how creative and innovated he is, I mean just think, we have something like Niagara Falls to visit!


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