It’s a new month which is yet another opportunity to write beautiful chapters of life. May you fill the pages with beauty and may success be your story. Cheers to a great month ahead! Blessed March y’all! ✨💐✨

The pastels in the set simply remind me of springtime. The third week of March always commences this season, a season I love oh so so so much! Interestingly enough, pastels and tie-dye will majorly trend this season, so I am kinda setting the tone of what you may OR may not see a lot OR little of on my blog, lol!

Not sound one ounce of cocky, but I’m kinda obsessed with how cool this look actually turned out. As usual, accidentally all coming together at random, I love the way these Jordan 1’s complimented this set. For a little razzle and dazzle, I added my Sophia Webster clutch into the mix; giving me just enough pop for fancy. 

Entering the second quarter of this year, March represents newness in a few ways. March 1st commences on a Monday –  the first day of the month landing on the first day of the week feels empowering. OH AND ALSO, we can’t forget it’s Women’s History Month! So…. there’s much to look forward to, much to celebrate, and above all – much to be grateful for.

Nonetheless, in case your year started off rough, here’s yet another opportunity to hit the restart button. SO WHATCHA WAITING FOR…?!?! <-basically talking to myself, hehe! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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