Motivation Monday greets us not only with a new week, but a new month! HAPPY FEBRUARY Y’ALL!!

I’m excited to embrace the reset button that comes along with the beginning of this new month. I took a moment to acknowledge the importance of auditing how January was in order to create amazing goals and desires for February!

January in a nutshell was a trial run for me. Of course my intentions were to start the year stronger, better, working harder, and all the more motivated. BUTTTT….. I was slightly overly ambitious and not so realistic with my intentions based on my current circumstances. I accepted that, and continued to  trot along, instead of throwing in the towel and giving up.

My pastor’s series (linking the first message of a five part series here) titled, “STARTING OVER” helped encourage me in significantly. I encourage you to watch the entire series, but what really got me through JANUARY was the think pieces and journal prompts each week provided by PT in his weekly messages. Truth is, we all need a reset – some of us more often than others; and while January provided me with that, I was actually used this time to reflect on changing the bad habits that continue to stifle me from being stronger, becoming better, working harder, and maintaining my motivation. 

So what do you say February, are you ready for a more evolved me?!? I think I am a little more equipped to carpe diem the heck out of you. Cheers to a new opportunities! 💫

In case you’re racking your brains and wondering (just joking), I’m wearing an exclusive piece from my favorite brand @godismysource_! This one-of-kind sweater is absolutely everything, EVERYTHING and season appropriate. because baby it is STILL coldddddd outside. I promise you don’t wanna miss this one. Sweater linked (here).

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Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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