Never Dull Your Sparkle

Jaded London Sequined Joggers | Prada Sandals | YSL Crossbody 

Hey Lovelies! It’s been an overcast day, but the cloudy weather hasn’t detracted from the signs of spring that are evident all around. It’s also the very first day in March, and the official start of the season is just a couple of weeks away, my favorite season that is…. Spring! Anyone else excited for SPRING? MARCH? Or that it’s Friday?!?! All the of the above for me!

I’m looking forward to another opportunity to create brand new goals and accomplish them. I sorta slacked off in February by not holding myself as accountable as I did in January, however I’m ready for March! For me, it’s getting into the groove and keeping a positive and “can-do” attitude. I often fall short when I don’t continue motivating myself to be my best self! I’m also learning that when I try and spiral off on my own and don’t keep my Heavenly Father in the mix, I fall so short. Won’t be preachy preachy on you guys today, but join me in staying on the up and up and keeping ourselves accountable for controlling our destinies that shine bright! I’m determined that nothing will NEVER DULL MY SPARKLE THIS MONTH! Let’s go! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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