This is your #MONDAY morning reminder, that today is always a state of mind! Put those positive pants on, get your ish done, handle whatever the week throws your way, restart, and be grateful! 🥂💫

Something about this Missguided blazer dress that’s got me feeling ready to tackle whatever Monday Blues I thought I might’ve had. I am learning that MONDAY is truly a mindset – mind over matter. So while Monday might be a tough pill to swallow, go ahead and accept that it’s just going roll around every seven days or so.

I’ve found that my Mondays are quite easier when I implement the FIVE P’s (PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE) on my Sundays. Planning out my week is where I usually start, followed by how I will execute all the things to accomplish.

What about you amazing human beings? I’m so curious to know what you all do to have smooth sailing Mondays. Please feel free to share your brilliant tips and tricks in my comments.


Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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