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Kate Spade Dress :: Aldo Sandals :: Aldo Clutch 

Hey Lovelies and blessings on another new Monday! Although I’m draped in this beautiful robin’s egg blue, I’m experiencing the exact opposite of my normal Monday Blues routine. Truth is, there’s no Monday Blues today because I decided that I would not get caught up in the same ole daunting and defeated mentality of wishing the weekend could be a little longer, or instantly gaining an eighth day, or time travel back to Sunday. Reality is, none of  those scenarios will happen so I’m going to skip all the what-ifs and carpe diem today. I started noticing over the past few weeks, my days have been more chaotic than usual. While I know my schedule will always and forever remain busy, being busy doesn’t mean I have to run around feeling super overwhelmed or like a wild chicken with its head cut off! During my quiet time and meditation, I had a grand epiphany and I realized that my days have been pretty intolerable because of me; nothing or nobody else to blame (darn it, lol). In my case, sometimes this downward spiral or crazy week  could all be contributed or pinpointed to a rocky Monday (aka Monday Blues), and never really doing what’s necessary to get back on the right track. However, strongly feel that it is critical for each human being to create the life he or she might desire and because I firmly believe this, it’s really important to practice what I encourage. Therefore, this Monday was nowhere near blue (although some blues aren’t so bad especially when they’re as attractive as my perfect blue frock) or overwhelming, or unproductive! To be entirely honest, my Monday was super awesome and I’m anticipating that the rest of my week also has a  99.9% chance of being the same way, especially since it’s technically up to me! Moral of the rant, I hope each of you had the opposite of Monday blues today; but if you did, try not to allow the shortcomings of today dictate how tomorrow or the next day will be. Trust me, life for the most part is easy peasy, we just have to create it that way! 



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