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Hey Lovelies! Lately, I’ve been more intentional with gratitude because ungrateful thoughts had slightly gotten out of hand. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll note that I’ve complained about summer weather in Los Angeles or the lack thereof this summer. Honestly, I caught myself thinking about it again today and realized how much my mind was centered a lot around what’s not versus what is. It was necessary that I put myself into check because how could I welcome anything positive and radiant into my life with an ungrateful heart.

Summer hasn’t quite felt like summer for a number of reasons and though this is true, what  I can/should be focused on is how much of a blessing it is to be alive, on the move, and overall doing well. Often times, seasons, circumstances, and even situations don’t turn out the way you want, but even in those periods, there is something to be grateful for. Today and every day thereafter, I will intentionally choose to be grateful! 

Nonetheless, I’ve vowed to not fixated on summer not feeling/seeming like what it should be, and to instead challenge myself to adjust to however the rest of summer decides to be. LA summer days this year have been gloomy and overcast, so the optimist in me chooses to exchange pool day and summer BBQ looks for transitional looks for autumn. Mixing navy with pastels appeared to be a great starting point. Navy isn’t necessarily considered a summer hue, but it would be something I would wear in late September. The soft pink pastel color still channels sweet summer vibes which makes for a  great summer-to-autumn “transitional” piece. I accessorized with affordable pieces from Target. The hat especially reminds me of autumn, and though I don’t wear many hats period unless they are God Is My Source dad hats, I’m diggin’ this one!

I’m learning that life is what you make it. It can be good or bad depending on what you decide. Perhaps my summer hasn’t been as enjoyable as I would have liked because I have been focused on how much it doesn’t feel like the norm. Again, being grateful for what it is is my new approach and if you catch me straying away from that, PUT ME IN CHECK PLEASE! There are so many reasons why gratitude is important and perhaps I could reap those benefits if I were more in tune.

Could you be more grateful in areas of your life? If so, I would love for you guys to join me on a gratitude journey. Check back soon for deets!  

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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