Miss Lola Bossy Fall Pieces

Miss Lola Blazer Dress | Miss  Lola Ankle Boots

Hey Lovelies! Belated Thanksgiving to each of you! I  wanted to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog/visit my page. I cannot express how much it really means to me that you frequent my site. I hope that in some way I encourage you, inspire you, make you smile, contemplate life, etc.! Though I often rant and spiral into randomness, each personal post (non-sponsored) is from my heart.

WWW.MADAMESMITH.COM was my very first social media platform – a place I sought out to be social and connect with each of you in different places and across the globe. This was the very place that (because of you guys) I gained any sort of brand awareness, and I’m forever grateful to you all. With life being “LIFE” and such, I firmly believe in expressing gratitude at every moment possible. Thank yous and thankfulness is still pretty powerful in my world, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Speaking of the holiday and long weekend, I decided I’d take a little four-day-break to clear my mind after Thanksgiving. I’ve been in a space where I desperately needed to gain inspiration and to simply take in a life a bit. I’ve learned much about myself this year, but one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how imperatively important it is to take time for YOU. I sorta learned that the hard way. As a result, I’ve been hermiting much as of late. The compiled years of not saying “no” and extending myself far too thin has finally caught up. Nonetheless, I force myself to take periods of time to turn off and tune more within. I’ve found how much this has significantly helped with unwanted stress and anxiety.

Oh btw, did anyone catch any amazing Black Friday deals? (crickets, crickets over here) This was probably one of the first years in a long time, that I neglected my Black Friday tradition – online and in store! Truthfully, I’m unbothered and I’m ok with that. Plus, I’m doing something slightly different this year as per gift-giving, so I’m not sweating it too much anyway.

HOWEVER, of all the sales I came across, via email/social media advertisement, MISS LOLA had one of the best sales, and if you visit their site right now, there’s currently a discount code that’s good for 40% off the ENTIRE SITE. Major winning if you score items on this major discount. I’d advise you guys to check it out because last I saw Miss Lola’s inventory is stocked with holiday goodies! Pictured above are items from the current season (FALL). Let’s just say that Miss Lola had some bossy fall pieces! These two items in particular were among my favorites because versatility. Since photographing these, I’ve worn these boots a few times, dressing them up, dressing them down, and putting them on every chance that presents itself because they’re also very comfortable. Long story short, go get ya shop on! I’m certain many of you have worked hard all year; ’tis the season to shop even HARDER! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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