H&M Dress Aldo SandalsYSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! There’s one word  I can never get enough of pertaining to fashion, that being – METALLIC! We’ve seen it all over recent catwalks and there’s plenty in my closet alone to last you a life time, lol. I’m enamored with light-reflecting textures and shiny silver finishes and even when I think I’m over wearing it, I’m not. Over the years, metallic is something I’ve always kept well stocked in my wardrobe, perhaps I have a secret infatuation with the sparkling glow reflects of the material. Honestly, there’s also an instant confidence I gain when wearing metallic – it allows me to show my allure by day and by night. Oh, and there’s that little notion of me being able to shine for a day! Bottom line, it’s my belied that you can never go wrong with sparkling and shiny details because you become the woman who exhibits an automatic magnetic aura! Metallic material is also one of my favorites because it brings spice to wardrobes, like almost creating an illusions that spark vivid imaginations and dreams. This metallic dress in particular reminds me of the ’80s which I’m not complaining about because that era was incredibly stylish. I’m not usually into midi length dresses, especially this long, but when I tried it on in the store, I couldn’t see my life without it. Lol, super dramatic I know. In all seriousness though, I foresee this dress being wearable again for another occasion aside from dinner. Actually, there’s a handful of events and places I imagine this metallic number being appropriate for. My studded accessories seemed right for this look. I purposefully paired  metallic stripes and circular studs together with intentions to create a contrast in my look and to make the metallic pop! After looking back at the photos, I’m really kinda digging the influenced retro vibes I’m transmitting here! That definitely happened by accident!


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