“Major! Make it happen!” – MAJOR 
IMG_7086IMG_7199IMG_7186IMG_7210IMG_7101 MAJOR! is a Design and Entrepreneurial Development firm based in Los Angeles, California.
They develop innovative designs, concepts, advertising and marketing strategy for their own projects as well as for other individuals and organizations. They specialize in apparel and accessories, but their body of work also encompasses art, film, music, special events and other products and services.
MAJOR! also serves as an Entrepreneurial Development firm. They seek out interesting and fun businesses and individuals with whom they can collaborate on various business ventures. They develop projects with a variety of businesses, create marketing strategy, and help to launch and promote the project. They create a revenue sharing agreement for each deal. 
MAJOR! is dedicated to bringing fun, innovative and awe inspiring projects to the world. Are you ready for them? If so, check them out at www.ThatsSoMAJOR.com!!!!!!
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