Nordstrom Sweatshirt | JenniferLe Boots  | YSL Purse 

Hey Lovelies! A few years ago or might have just been last year I was super obsessed with oxblood, or literally any hue in the burgundy family. I slightly outgrew that phase just until I found these Jenniferle Major Oxblood boots the other day. I nearly became almost obsessed all over again, if not more. Thankfully spring is in a few days, so I have soft pastels and florals to distract me. Seriously thanking the fashion gawds for saving me from what might have turned into an obsessive behavior. Moreover, I am madly in love with this look and I’m definitely guilty of trying to get “all things winter” out my system for once and for all. So pardon me! I think I swooned a tab bit too much for this looked because I haven’t done anything like it to be honest. The whole sweatshirt as a dress vibe isn’t something I typically do or have done in the past because of my curvaceous figure. The one shown above is from the TBD section at Nordstrom. The color grabbed my attention instantaneously and I was sold knowing that I could match it with these Major Oxblood booties. I always feel a surge of accomplishment combined with happiness when I can piece items together to create  something along the lines of a perfect match. Fun fact, this is one of the reasons why I decided blogging. On several occasions, I’d always be asked whether or not I’m a stylist or blogger. Somehow the stars aligned and that’s exactly what happened. I’m grateful I have this outlet and even if I were writing to myself that would be perfectly fine because sometimes my blog and the entire blogging process period serves as the calm to my storm.

Sorry, a bit off topic I know, so I’ll get back to the post. Really really love when I attempt new looks, or something that is not typical “Madame Smith” and it just works. I thought adding my Target fishnets could be the “pop factor,” but afterward I realized that they were barely visible, lol. That’s ok though, if you look closely enough, they add a nice little flare to my look. And yes, y’all that same heart YSL cross body makes another appearance with an MS look. It’s really hard for me to to not get hooked on wearing the same handbag over and over, plus when it’s one that isn’t all that inexpensive it’s better to get your money’s worth, right?!?! 

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