Hey Lovelies! Happy Resurrection Sunday! Gosh, if I’m completely honest, Easter is probably one of my favorite days to reflect about/remember/recognize ever, if not my actual favorite day. It’s so heavenly magical to me that this particular day is a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life! How amazing is that, right?! Because God’s ONLY SON DIED FOR MY SINS, FOR YOUR SINS, we all get the opportunity to have new life, that if we sincerely ask for forgiveness for sins we are forgiven, and that we have the chance to live how we’re meant to. I get chills every time I think about this, dream about it, read about it, see it reenacted, etc.. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME! Thank you Jesus for the price you paid, for the suffering you endured to save me. Guys, I’m so grateful. I am so beyond thankful. 

Jesus resurrecting from his own death reassures me that awakening is possible; that I can transform into a better me! I cannot express enough how so very appreciative I am for second chances. Aren’t you?!?! It’s incredibly easy to wake up and get caught up with/in life – the good, the bad, and in between to where you loose track of what’s truly important. I am indebted to Jesus for God’s goodness and forgiveness which allowed me to hit that restart button once I truly became a believer and afforded me the opportunity to try again. Without Jesus’ sacrifices, I’m certain none of that would  have been possible. The mere thought of me truly never dying and having everlasting life is quite magical too! How blessed are we to have an eternal soul!?! How amazing is the sacredness of human life and the brotherhood and sisterhood of all?!?! 

This day – is one of my yearly reminders of the aforementioned. Surely my daily live might not be so simple, but I wonder if I truly put Jesus first in all things, in every circumstance and as often as possible how much better my life would be!!!! In pursuit of…… 

Thank you Jesus!

God, you are amazing!



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