“Today is the Chinese New Year! Whether you celebrate it or not, I’m into any holiday that allows you to refocus and start again. Such a breath of fresh air! ” -Madame SmithIMG_1725IMG_1796IMG_1868IMG_1767IMG_1734IMG_1752IMG_1679IMG_1992
 Although I don’t come from Chinese descent (well as far as I know lol), I feel that it is important to learn about where others come from and to also give recognition to how awesome other cultures truly are. With that said, “May the Gods of Happiness, Prosperity, and Longevity be with you now and always!” 
  I know it is tradition to wear red for this particular festivity, however, I am showing homage to the occasion by designing this beautiful Asian print full skirt. I am in love with both the color and the printed letters (look keenly)!!  
 Madame Smith Collection skirt :: H&M basic t-shirt :: FE pumps :: H&M clutch :: Nordstrom sunnies 

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