Love Will Win

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Hey Lovelies!

There’s so much power in a message which is why I fell head over heels for this “LOVE WILL WIN” t-shirt dress.

I pride my daily existence on spreading love, so even if for that very reason alone, this piece definitely belongs in my wardrobe. LOVE WILL WIN! I CHOOSE LOVE! It takes a lot less effort to love and way more energy to hate. So why why why WHY do we even participate in such nonsensical behavior? Let’s take an actual moment and think about it. Almost every lead story in the evening news pertains to some figment of “hate.” Sad, right? Whether it be a murder case, police brutality situation, infidels, minority groups, the Middle East, and/or over-the-top politics, these things are usually what’s keyed in on. Ever wonder where it all comes from? Perhaps a derivative of hate, is my guess.

Can we also take a slight moment to ponder on why people even hate – not only things (objects, items, stuff, etc.), but people?!?! I’m sure if I actually conducted a survey, results might tally a multitude of reasons. However, in my experience, jealously is the usual cause of hate. Most likely, so and so is unhappy with such and such in their own life, and sadly camouflages their own insecurities with putting others down. In some sick and convoluted way, that makes the “hater” feel better.

Forgive the tangent I just went on, but we had to establish this whole hate concept. After a few sentences, I already feel drained! So let’s move on from that…. Point being the effort put into hate gets tiresome quickly. Why not redirect that energy into something more worth it; LOVE!

Back to love.¬†I am not naive to the recent media and social attention surrounding the same-sex marriage which might be the inspiration for this particular article of clothing. My belief is that you love who you love and whether or not I necessarily agree with the particulars isn’t important, my only job is to love you and judge NOT!

Can I let you guys on a little secret? One of my personal goals in life is to treat every single human being I encounter¬† with the same love God shows me. If I actually took the time to list, I might bore you with ALL the bail outs, trials, and tribulations HE has helped me overcome and seen me through and I know he’s only been there because of his unwavering love for me. With that being said, love, God’s love more specifically will always win!

Silly us by the way, John 3:16 tell us, “for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Has this not been our blueprint this whole time? In other words, not sure why #lovewillwin became a thing when same sex marriage became a thing. From the very beginning, love was the answer, it is the answer now, and forever will be! Cheers to love winning!¬†




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