Hey mates! Lol, British slang is definitely rolling off my tongue like hotcakes right now to everyone I cross paths with. Hands raised high if you enjoy that accent as much as I do! Shamefully, I tried cramming LONDON IN TWO HOURS on a red double decker tour bus yesterday, and I’m like wow, their accents and way of speaking is super cool, more than I ever imagined! Nevertheless, excuse my terrible attempts to use the slang in this post in advance, but I’m going for it!!

Before I start my jibber jabber, I’m just going to preface this post in saying, I absolutely love Europe. London is a place I’d never visited. Ironically, I’ve always fancied  the culture and been extremely fond of it. Let me be honest, fond is an understatement, I have literally been obsessed with British culture, ways of life, the monarchy, accents, mannerisms, etc. since as long as I can remember. As an American, I’m actually chuffed with all the accomplishments and forward movements of Britain. I even double majored in English Literature and Creative Writing in my undergrad studies during college. Go figure, right! Jane Austen paved the way for my true passion, and I owe her much gratitude for introducing me to a culture, a place, a way of life, romance, etc. for a lifetime.

My travels to London were for the Wireless Fest, which was mad wicked!!!! Since it was extremely last minute and a spur of the moment type trip, I did not plan to stay longer than necessary. I know, not so brilliant on my end. I always assumed my first trip to England would need to be for at least 14 days or more because there’s oh so much I’ve read about and imagined seeing, but when life presents opportunities that we can’t reject, you learn to go with the flow. I am super grateful!

I knew I literally had less than five hours to explore on this day, and tried to figure out what the best way to see some things on my checklist would be. However, what I did not factor in (which I wouldn’t have known about really) was the mad traffic in London. There are so many humans in this space, (some parts of London remind me of New York) composed of narrow streets which creates a great deal of the traffic. There were also two major events going on in the city which caused closures and diverted routes (Pride Walk and a World Cup Game). Cheers! England won and advanced to the finals! Needless to say, those five hours  that I set out to explore ended up being a two-hour excursion (they dwindled quickly  and my ventures were almost an utter shamble)! However, I’m still immensely grateful that I had the opportunity.

Places I ventured in this short time span were to the Financial District which is composed of newly built glass high-rise buildings that heavily remind me Dubai architecture. In that same area, I saw the infamous London Bridge and Tower Bridge! So much history lies in that part of town and as you figured, I wished I had loads more time to get off the double decker bus to explore. I easily could have spent a whole day in that part of London alone, so that’s definitely on my todo list next trip.

After leaving the Financial District, I visited Buckingham Palace. As you can see from the photos above, I did get off on that stop because I’d be a complete wanker to not get that photo opp as a first time London tourist! I can’t explain the feelings that arose in me when I saw this place. I fell in a complete space of awe and immediately felt a sense of thankfulness to be able to see something I’ve read about/ learned about for so long!

Like any famous tourist destination, surrounding the palace were so many tourists, so I didn’t stay all that long. I did take a moment to take it in which is very important for me to always. My next excursions included the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and few cool statues and monuments around town along the way!

Though London traffic sorta threw a wrench in my exploration, seeing a few good sites via the Double Decker bus was easy peasy and kept me quite entertained, even it was just listening to my tour guide ramble; better believe I was listening very keenly to pick up new phrases if nothing else. If you’re considering a traditional tour, and an affordable means to see London on an upcoming trip, I suggest going this route as you’ll get to see loads of  bit’s ‘n bobs for a decent rate! My preference is always finding a local and going the one-on-one route whenever I travel. However, time obviously didn’t permit for that this go-around. 

Let’s play a game? How many English slang words or phrased can you spot in this blogpost? Some of which I probably failed to use  in the right context, but I gave it my best go!

Have any of you ever visited London? If yes, what’s your favorite places and things to do while there? I’m compiling a proper list of things to do when I visit again so I’m taking notes! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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