Lola Shoetique Summer Short Set

Lola Shoetique Summer Short Set | Lola Shoetique Sandals

Hey Lovelies! Cheers to Summer 2018. My first summer look is a Lola Shoetique Summer Short Set which is quite perfect if you’re a LA resident because summer is greeting us properly with nice and warm temperatures.  Sure there’s been a splash of June gloom in the early morning, but the sun has been making it’s appearance around noon everyday, reminding us that it’s her season to shine.

Speaking of sunshine and summer, are you summer wardrobes ready as yet? If not and if you haven’t already, please visit! My first few summer looks are picks all from this site! There were so many good summer pieces that I had a hard time choosing. Nevertheless, I was pretty lucky with my selections because they all seemed to have the the undertone of yellow! This was actually pretty helpful because I was able to select one pair of yellowish/mustard color sandals that match my first few summer looks precisely!

I’m really into recycling pieces – whether it be a wardrobe piece or a pair of shoes because it just makes more sense to stretch the dollars you’re going to spend on a fashion a little further seeming how fashion always finds a way to recycle itself. The more seasoned I become, I spend a lot more wisely a lot less on my looks. In this case, rocking the same sandals with my first set of summer looks is how I am practicing my frugality!

What summer habits will you be practicing this summer? Any good ones? If so, please do share below!

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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