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Hey Lovelies! Ever put on a piece of clothing and it immediately transformed your mood? So, this happened shortly after I wore this Lola Shoetique Summer Dress! Dresses of sort always shift my mood and demeanor because I love being a girly girl. Am I a little crazy, or do any of you also experience something fashion related changing your mood?  I hope I don’t stand alone in this department, because this is a frequent thing for me.

Ok, so I said all this to say that this Lola Shoetique summer dress put me in such a great mood! With all the dainty and girlish deets and the hues in the dress matching perfectly with my skin tone, to my recollection, I was happy all day long ! Fashion is not something I always rely on for a pick-me-up, but I can count on certain facets of fashion to trigger joy inside! I guess the positive thing about that is that I know how to re-shift the negative out of my life! Thank goodness, because there are some times I really have to stay prayed up (not a bad thing at all)….. but, we won’t go there, lol! 

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Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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