Lola Shoetique Blue Floral

Lola Shoetique Matching Set | Lola Shoetique Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! As the heat in these summer days continues to pick up, what’s better than looking good while keeping it cool!?! Here’s another look I’m obsessed with from my favorite place for great looks and trendy/stylish shoes. This Lola Shoetique Blue Floral set was more than a score for me! So many reasons why, should I explain!?!¬†

I mean come on, let’s admit it, when it comes to to hot and sticky summer weather, clothes can be incredibly inconvenient. Leave it to me, and you’ll find me channeling the infamous nudist trend (joking, not joking). Clearly, not in public or anything like that, but I’ll certainly be indoors by the AC on full blast. If it’s one thing I’m not up for, it’s clothes that stick to me on a hot day, well on any day come to think of it. Nevertheless, the material of this set is pretty dead on perfect and I withstood warmer temperatures without any uncomfortable factor. I’m living for the slits (in the right places) and the floral print, of course! Thank goodness for floral, I’m not really sure how I could live life without floral in my life, or how I ever lived without upon discovering it!

At any rate, this is one of many amazing summer looks you’ll find at LOLA SHOETIQUE this summer. Take a look at their latest inventory and if you see anything you like, use code “Smith20” at checkout for a discount!

Remember, let’s look good all summer, but keep it all the way cool!¬†

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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