Eccentric Kristoure Blouse |H&M Top Aldo Sandals | Aldo Clutch

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Hey Lovelies! What happens when you defy typical fashion rules? For instance, the no white after Labor Day. Your bag should match your shoes. No mixing prints. Never wear navy and black. If I break such rules, does that mean I’m considered no longer cool in fashion circles. Oh well. I guess I’m getting the boot quick, fast, and in an hurry.  But seriously, those rules to me are super outdated and let’s face it, such rules date back to the dinosaur years. Sure, trends are constantly changing and evolving ever so sty, but there’s one thing I know for sure…… RULES WERE MEANT TO BE BROKEN! Also, I totally realize the autumn season is literally right around the corner, but I’m lacking ambition to transition this year. Although my attention is split between what seems like a million and one things, I had so much fun embracing printed colors this summer. Come to think of it, I find a way to do this every season, so nothing really new on that front I guess, lol. Regardless, I’m planning on living in color for as long as I can, well that is until I royally stick out sorely. Maybe then I’ll begin to dress as though I belong in the autumn season. In addition, living in sunny Southern California isn’t the best geographical place to experience true seasons. Therefore, why in God’s name would I even pretend? Layering in 80 or 90 degree really doesn’t sound very appeasing to me. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to keep styling brightly colored standout-ish pieces, merrily.

This skirt from, one of my new favorite boutique’s (ECCENTRIC KRISTOURE), allows me to contently embrace living in color. And did I mention the quality of this piece is simply AMAZING! It’s made from vegan leather and has the most unique splashes of colors. Paring it with a neutral color top seemed like the most sensible thing to do because I’d planned on accessorizing this look with one of the prominent colors in the skirt. Obviously I chose the red-orangish color because it was the least distinguished in the skirt so I decided to pop the color. If you love this skirt as much as I do, please head over to Eccentric Kristoure and don’t forget to use the Promo Code: Madamesmith15 for 15% off of your purchase! 


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