House of Chic Two Piece Set :: Christian Louboutin Pumps :: Christian Louboutin Clutch 

Hey Lovelies! Hope you guys had nothing short of a LIT aka amazing weekend. I love the day and age we live in where we create such slang, like the word, “LIT”. Not sure who created this world or its origins, but to my understanding “lit” means when something is turned up or popping. Interestingly enough, this is exactly how I felt when I first laid eyes on this two-piece denim House Of Chic set. I’m a denim fanatic and when I find unique denim pieces like this, I get way too excited. I love the versatility of this set because it can definitely be dressed up or played down by pairing it with a crop top and tennis shoes (which is probably how I will wear this set the next go round). The way you can pair denim is countless which is why it is probably the most popular material ever known to mankind. Think about it! How many denim items are housed in your personal wardrobes? I’d be willing to bet much more than any other material in your closet! I guess it’s safe to assume that denim is pretty LIT itself, eh?!?  <- Ps. Lol, just wanted another reason to use the word “lit” again, haha! 


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