House of Chic Matching Set | Aldo Sandals | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! There’s so much joy in life when you find something in life that you truly love. Whether it be a passion, person, and/or place. Though I’m no expert, I’d argue that life without life is merely tolerable and it’s been my experience that feeling love and loving something, where ever it comes from, is one of the ways to truly experience life to it’s absolute fullest. 

Kinda crazy, how I accidentally combined  a few things I love in this post. For starters, any place that has flowers or a floral scenery, I’m instantly drawn to. Loving nature somehow keeps me in tune with God’s miraculous creations. It also grounds me, because nature is peaceful, nature is calm, nature does not judge you, it just is. It’s also not too shabby to indulge in either, right?!

Fashion, fashion, fashion! When I think about it, fashion has really been something pouring out of me as of late. I’ve been styling more than usual, something I accidentally stumbled upon, but loving!  I’ve also challenged myself to step out of my comfort zones and take risks.  You ever experience that thing, that just makes you tic, that affords you that natural high? Yep, I’m sure you guessed it, that’s fashion for me! 

My selection in outfit is also something I actually really love. Denim is a fabric I’m always drawn to, I’ve even argued in my previous blogposts how you can never go wrong with denim, and how it’s always a good idea for almost any occasion. I found this matching set from HOUSE OF CHIC and fell head over heels for the matching aspect (of course), but the fringe detailing as well. Pairing it with the only denim bag I own was a no brainer (even though it’s a completely different color). Tip – not sure it quite matters as much as it used to when it comes to matching perfectly. My motto is if you like it, I love it and if I don’t, well you better believe I’m going to keep my mouth shut. LOL!

So challenge yourselves take a moment and figure out what it is you love. Life’s already composed of daily pressures, obligations, and laundry long to-do lists. Finding something you love significantly helps with stress and the lack of feeling grounded. Spending time indoors, behind desks, and starring  at computer screens isn’t always the way of life, even though I’m sure we’re all guilty of it. It’s so important we have love in the center of our beings; a lesson I’ve learned many, many times…! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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