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Hey Lovelies! As I continue my journey in examining our beautiful existence, I’m realizing that LIFE IS A CHAIN REACTION OF REACTIONS.

We’re constantly bombarded with nudges to our emotional state, each poke testing us and contingent on our tolerance; sometimes depending on how we are feeling mentally and physically, our reactions dictate our days and is the determining factor of triumph or explosion.

It might take forever if I highlighted how many trying days I’ve had, some filled with tests and trials awaiting how I’m going to react. Then there are days that I am tested over and over again. When I am at my wit’s end, I realize that there’s always a choice – will I choose to react positively or negatively?

This year I’ve begun practicing what it means to not be shaken. I actively end what might feel like the start of “bad day” right in the moment. Truly something that has required faith, practice, and patience. I am learning mindfulness by taking a second to assess situations and making the choice to react with poise instead of anger. I may not always be in control of the situation, but I am always in control of my reaction because how I react right now could start a chain reaction of reactions.

I know that I do not stand alone, so I’m hoping that the person who needed to maybe hear this message has. Ironically, my selection of fashion has sorta been paralleling with topics I feel compelled to discuss these days. In this case, I found this H&M dress on sale around December for  $10.00! For whatever reason I was attracted to the chained print deets in this dress which is why purchased it. Who knew that I’d be able to write an entire blog post centered around just that – chain reactions! 

Blessed Friday Lovelies!! ✌🏽❤️💫


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