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Hey Lovelies! In lieu of my continued soul searching (something I feel is a never-ending adventure), I’ve been in deep thought about the importance of this concept – “Let Your Soul Shine.” Often times, we caught up in the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day and forget just why it is we’re here on earth. In my reflection, what I’m finding is that personally, my soul smiles, shines, and simply feels good when I am partaking in giving back. This has always been the case for me, but shamefully, I  am guilty of neglecting things that matter most to me. An entire year passed me by and I realized that I once again did absolutely nothing with my nonprofit organization, an organization I intended to assist in areas of homelessness, underprivileged women, and children.  

True story – my friend Chanda and I worked really hard to get it 501 c3 approved and all that jazz, yet I didn’t set goals or have intentions to allow my foundation to make the impact that I have always dreamed of. Of course, I made excuses; being “too busy” to do the work was usually at the top of the list. However, something dawned on me when I was feeling incredibly down and out the other day, “maybe helping others will spark a light inside and your good deeds might just heal some of your emptiness and brokenness.” Since that day, I’ve set out to feed a homeless/underprivileged person EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a pretty good streak going thus far because it’s not hard to find these individuals with homelessness at an all-time high in Los Angeles right now.

I’ve challenged myself to NOT result in handing out a few dollars here and there, well, because that’s easy, impersonal, and quite frankly I don’t want to appear like I’m an ATM! Showing my love and care with the gesture feels better and might just have more impact on that person’s life. So instead, most days I ask the individual what they need and what they want to eat (if the opportunity presents itself) and make small conversation. I’ve had some unforgettable conversations and have learned about a few persons’ life stories and why they are presently homeless. Remember, everyone has a story and what I’m finding is not every homeless person is on drugs, an alcoholic, or hopeless. I randomly found a homeless tent community under the freeway on Venice Blvd. the other day and learned that some of them are WORKING HOMELESS PEOPLE! Could you ever imagine? A river of tears poured from my eyes, and suddenly all of my troubles and worries seemed like nothing in comparison.  Truly, that baffled my mind. Yet, one woman explained that carrying on and do what is necessary to make life work is her daily goal because one day she’ll be able to afford housing again.  

I’ve been enraged, angry, and conspiring in my own head about what can/should be done to rid this problem. I’ve gotten into heavy debates with some of my loved ones about the topic, some even leading me to tears because my passion is that strong and I feel like theirs should be too. However, I am reminded, that I cannot do it myself, but my daily efforts are what I can do. I am also aware that there are so many others with the same passions doing all they can to help in this arena too which encourages me that one day, we will succeed somehow in helping homelessness cease.

Until then, if you’ve read my please today, please please please join me in loving on our homeless community a little more (wherever you are in the world) in whatever capacity you can. Even if this is not the thing that fuels you and allows  “your soul to shine,” do a little more giving back. I promise it looks so much better than any material possession you’ll ever own! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 



  1. This is very helpful thank you so much for the encouragement not a lot of people know the homeless stories and much rather assume this has made me look and view things in a whole different light and for that I will like to send my upmost gratitude I am an up and coming Vlogger tryna get better with time

    Brittani Wilson

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