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Hi Lovelies! What are your thoughts on the current lace overlay trend? We saw these dresses a couple of springs ago, but it looks like their quickly making a comeback. I am seldomly attractive to lace overlay dresses. Actually, this is my second lace anything ever, excluding undies ;). However, the style of the dress is so so so me, so I couldn’t resist! Though I like to switch things up for the most part, I do stick to what suits my body frame. I think this is really important – finding styles that flatter your body and in my case, I have curves, so I am always aware of whats flattering and what isn’t so much.

In other news, I think I found the perfect winter bootie! I do have a confession. This might be the first zip-up bootie I’ve every owned. Booties in general have never really been my thing, aside from lace-ups. But as I mentioned before, it’s such a good feeling to take risks, and switch things up. Nevertheless, these were super sexxxxxy so I couldn’t resist!! I don’t usually buy Chinese Laundry shoes,  (for no particular reason), but these are worth the while and pretty comfortable and affordable (best combo)! Initially when I first decided to pair these two together (lace overlay dress & lace booties), I thought it may have been way too much lace, but I must say how much I love the way they complimented another after all! Take risks from time to time because sometimes they work in your favor – the “laced-up” look worked in mine ;). 


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