Kenzo x H&M Dress  | YSL Clutch | Ipposhop Sandals 

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Hey Lovelies! I’m still in a little disbelief that this collaboration didn’t have a larger response than last year’s Balmain x H&M release. Now granted these two designers embrace extremely and  completely different fashion styles, but I was almost certain that this release might’ve would have had a sea of people  a mile or two out the door; I’d think for at least the insanely unique pieces this line offered. In all actuality, it was the exact opposite. There weren’t very many folks in line, period. Third Street Promenade had less than 1o persons at opening time waiting to go in and shop the line, while rumor had it that the Beverly Center has just a handful more folks which was a complete 180 from last year’s collaboration turnout; it was pure pandemonium. In fact, there were more security guardsworking than consumers in line. YIKES! Lol! What a waste of employed individuals for the day. Sorry, not sorry for the sarcasm. 

BUT what truly baffles me is why this really was the case? I questioned why so many people weren’t as excited and supportive raiding the racks of H&M this year? Was I the only nut who went super cray for the insurmountable colors and patterns of this Kenzo x H&M collab? Even after about a month later, I’m totall questioning if I was completely obsessed with this collab by my lonesome? I honestly thought it was completely brilliant especially with the use of colors, textures, and style. My Kenzo x H&M – Look 1 ventures commenced at Third Street Promenade with a few blogger gal pals of mine and to our surprise we had absolutely no altercations in grabbing the items we wanted. No trampling, fighting over specific pieces, or fashion rowdiness! I paired this frock with the perfect thigh high cutout sandals and my new fave YSL clutch. The dress deserved all of the attention for this look, so my goal was to give it all the glory it deserved! 


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