Just Fab Coat Season

Just Fab Coat | Angel Dress | Zara Boots

Hey Lovelies! Am I faking it or nah? Actually, the chill is becoming real and outwear just might be needed for those below 60’s nights here in Los Angeles as of late! If only the cold days and evenings would be consistent. I guess warm and sunny weather is what I signed up for being a long-term Los Angeles resident and all. Thank goodness for the ability to travel just incase I have the urge to travel somewhere extremely cold to experience winter for real, for real!

Just Fab is right on time with their chic outwear. Houndstooth is a forever favorite of mine, so choosing this particular style was a no brainer when asked to do this campaign. This coat also caught my attention because the print is a classic and I definitely can see this piece used as a wardrobe staple for the remainder of our autumn days, transitioning into winter as well. I intended to size up so that I could wear layers, but ended up selecting a size small. Thankfully, there’s still a little room for me to layer. The quality of the jacket is really nice as well. I do wish however that the pockets were real.

I decided to break the ultimate “DAY AFTER LABOR DAY NO WHITE” rule by pairing this white dress with this coat! I’m a real rule-breaker, huh?! Does anyone still care about that rule anyway? Lucky me, I’m sure none of you are criticizing me behind my back…. I mean after all, didn’t your mom ever tell you to not be judgmental¬† towards others! LOL!¬†

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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