Asos Jumpsuit | Just Fab Boots | YSL Bag 

Hey Lovelies! It’s JUST FAB BOOT SEASON!!! I’ve never really been a boots of any sort kind of gal, but I’m making major strides in these heeled boots from @justfabonline which are both super comfortable and cute for any occasion!!! What’s that they often say, you never know until you try? Well I’m quite glad I stumbled upon these because it was like discovering love at first sight and if I’m being really honest with you guys, it was quite hard for me not to take them off the first time I wore them, I loved them that much. Though, I had to take a half size up, doing so was well worth it because I feel like these could’ve almost been comfortable enough to run a marathon in, lol! Ok, maybe not, but I did get an all day wearing out these without any pain! Always, a plus. 

Can I share some really good news with you guys?!? These particular boots are currently 75% percent off, and I’m thinking that a few of you will be interested in purchasing, so here’s the link!  click here 

You honestly need these in your wardrobe right now because as I mentioned; they’re very comfortable, perfect for the season,  and can be dressed up or down! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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