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“Oh, come on. It’s Monday, NOT Doomsday!

And with that said….. Let’s try and make it a good one my loves!

Mondays for me differ. I never quite feel like my Mondays are the end of the world per say. It’s never really an “OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MONDAYS for me either. BUT, more often than not, I experience a “blah” mood surrounding the start of a week. I tried identifying where that feeling derives from and potentially correlating it to me not entirely being content within.

I strongly believe that life is a continual process and something you must work through, at, and with. As I WORK on creating the life I truly desire and deserve, I am learning to linger more in present moments. When I tread out of the present and consume my thoughts on the past and/or future, I am beginning to identify that this is when I become most discontent.

ADULTING is truly forcing me to reflect often about life and choices!

This Monday I contemplated heavily on this yucky cycle that feels like STUCK. Instead of running away from it today, I acknowledged it and even embraced it. Truth is, in some of my present life circumstances, I feel stuck and am unsure what to do and how to get unstuck…

Though I’ve felt like this before, this go-round, I’m practicing compassion towards myself. I am oftentimes extremely hard on ME  because I want the absolute best quality of life both for myself as well as those around me. Failure and failing to reach goals, fulfilling my purpose, obtaining success, and living a progressive lifestyle is something I’ve worked hard to avoid. This is why feeling stuck feels hella uncomfortable right now. I do realize that it’s ok to fail as long as you get up and try again. The trying again part, the starting all over can feel quite defeating. Is this just me…..? 


I guess as of late, that’s why Mondays sometimes feel so meh for me – because I’m battling pain, vulnerability, frustration, and mental-drainage. THERAPY HAS HELPED ME SIGNIFICANTLY because as I mentioned, I’ve been able to work on those struggles. I also think that slowly shifting my stuckness and arriving at choices, insights, and decisions that feel true and tolerable is also important when I’m in this space.

Truth is, GOD got me, no matter what! What am I tripping for? Easier said than done though sometimes, right!? 

If you’re experiencing something similar, I hope that after you’ve read this, you know that you’re not alone. Finding happy, releasing bottled up emotions, and implementing small steps towards change daily helps me. I also talk to GOD more than I ever have, and as cliché as this might sound after I’m done crying my eyes out until my face is numb, red, and swollen, I think he hears me. I feel his arms wrapped around me, letting me know that it’s going to be ok. I’m sure God is probably like, “Taniea, you can talk to me without all the antics, drama, and tears…” lol. But, I also know he knows me, and knows how passionate and emotional I get when it comes to making something out of my life! 

Thankfully, this Monday was different than my last few. I set intentions and goals and accomplished many of them. I celebrate this! 

I am most grateful, however, that I was afforded the opportunity to be open and honest with you guys! KEEP PUSHING! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 



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