Fashion is a beautiful thing. You can find inspiration anywhere to create a dope piece of art. @vdgn I accidentally found your wall and decided to match your fly.

Hi, hello! Me here. A person who is clearly obsessed with creating art out of fashion. Nothing much to say here, just wanted to share my cool outfit that matched this random wall on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

Come to think of it, I’ve really been into location scouting as of late, because my new favorite thing has become my outfit actually matching with surroundings. Am I slightly neurotic? Quite possibly! But, if it doesn’t correlate, my look isn’t quite complete these days. I guess it’s all the time I’ve had since the pandemic, but I love finding walls and locations that make my outfits look even more like art! Talk about taking “street style” in the most literal way; yep, that’s me these days…. I mean, if we’re going to do fashion, let’s commit because FYI, it’s an art! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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