“Money is the Anthem. Of success. So before we go out. What’s your address?-Lana del ReyZL7A8433ZL7A8540ZL7A8476ZL7A8442ZL7A8430ZL7A84481ZL7A8440ZL7A8556
 What anthem do you live by? What drives you to persevere or succeed? I’ve often heard that three things rule the world – MONEY, POWER, & SEX. And the world unfortunately continues to validate that for some people because of perpetual advertisement and exploitation. However, I am of the opinion that there’s really only one force that drives me personally daily, that is of course, my Heavenly Father! I know with him anything is possible and everything is attainable. I know I know, talk about false advertisement lol (hence my crop top). But, I thought the shirt was actually catchy and would add flavor to my summery outfit. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a little pot stirring right?!?
 I am back to the drawing board guys and here’s one of my recently designed midi skirts. Although it is a simple box-pleat piece, I fell in love with the color of the fabric which enticed me more so to design something. As for the sandals, these are by far my favorite style of shoes right now. I have a black (seen here) and red pair (seen here), and now these. I simply love this style sandal because it is quite versatile in which it can be dressed up, down, and everything in between. 
~Photos :: Darriffany Photography~ 

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