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Hey Lovelies! How’s this season been treating you? For me, I’m inhaling summer, exhaling life. You see, life has this funny way of  teaching  you things, and while the current lesson at hand might not be understood in the present, later on, in that “aha moment,” it somehow all becomes perfectly apparent. In the meantime, I’ve found it’s incredibly important to just inhale and exhale – plainly put, JUST BREATHE! Candidly speaking, I’ve literally been forced to inhale summer and exhale life as of late; can’t say I absolutely hate it either… 

Can I be brutally honest and transparent with you guys? The woman I am today bares little similarity to the young woman I was a few years ago. Historically, I had a high-intensity and short-fused personality. I was surrounded by individuals who had that sort of personality and because they were successful, accomplished much of what they set out to do so, I thought these were personality traits I needed also in order to be successful. Silly me! The gentleman I was dating at the time also had a super intense and impatient personality which also sorta rubbed off on me. At the time, I was a product of my environment and had no idea the importance my atmosphere would play in my life. Today, self admittedly, I still sorta have a high-intense personality, but with a more collected, calm, and cool demeanor.

You know how they say, “everything happens for a reason?” I am 100% confident my mentality changed the moment I was diagnosed with cancer. Fast-forward to four years later, my high intensity is fueled with passion, compassion, lots more patience, and calmness. I’m learning the latter mentioned because I am actively programing myself to let go and breathe!

I am also noticing that my relationships are shifting because better relationships are sometimes a deep breath away! I’m sure each of you have heard at some point and time, “take a deep breath.” When I sense a conversation diverting into something I  know won’t be beneficial for myself or the other party, I take a  deep breath before uttering a word (figuratively most times). Words are powerful and can be harmful; I’m at a point in my life where I refuse to allow the first thing that comes to my mind escape my mouth. Inhaling and exhaling has afforded me potential regretful situations and has saved me from countless arguments. 

If practicing breathing isn’t something you’re all the way willing to commit to right now or it’s just not your “thing,” I strongly encourage you to find something that will divert your troubles and stress away because as you know, that’s just not healthy nor is it the way we are meant exist. Talking to your higher power is a great start, followed by prayer, evaluating your atmosphere, surrounding yourself around positive people and environments, meditating, smiling, living, inhaling and exhaling!

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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