My life does not always consist of roses, daisies, sunshine, lollipops, happiness and happy thoughts, but then again who’s life actually does? If you beg to differ, please unleash the “always-happy” ingredient or pill because there are times when I’m in desperate need of it!! Is there a manual on how to get rid of incompleteness or an incomplete feeling? I “googled it” (the aforementioned), but not much popped up. I do believe in a higher being however, more specifically GOD, and when I pray and talk to him, I feel better. 

BUT, there are times that I just can’t shake this feeling. I know psychological studies classify incompleteness as a “condition or state of being”. So, why do I feel this way sometimes? I’m sure there is a lot or maybe a little that contributes to this, but I believe that this is my reality check and or confirmation that I am an imperfect being. If I always felt complete, this wouldn’t exactly be natural. I doubt “completeness” even exist. I guess I have a right to feel this way (a sense of incompleteness) sometimes, because I’m imperfectly me.. 

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