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Hey Lovelies! As I continue to document my fashion journey and my undying love for this special art carries over into yet another year, I’ve been conducting much self reflection as it pertains to why I’ve been pretty faithful and consistent to this platform (fashion) for an entire handful of years. “Why do you still love fashion? Why is fashion still that thing that excites you? are all questions I ponder. The answer instantly dawned on me, I will forever see fashion as my art and through this outlet, I am afforded the ability to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate! 

As I contemplated my response, I couldn’t help but think about how extremely powerful those tools are, tools that I actually possess and how incredibly grateful I am because this is truly my passion. Do you know how long I’ve been playing dress up???? Since three years-old! In fact, I modeled for Nordstrom in their seasonal fashion shows as a little girl and did so up until an adolescent. Aside from that, in my spare time as a child, I took the game “dress-up” to whole other level. It was truly a serious ordeal for me. Being the only child at home had its downfalls, because my “at-home” fashion shows included notable guests like my Barbie dolls, American Girls, Cabbage Patch kids, and Baby Alive dolls; somehow I found countless opportunities to play dress up/and or dress them up which kept me content for years. Later, I’d learn that the many days of pairing this with that, would become real and through an outlet second nature and instinctual for me, would provide a platform and income in the future. 

It wasn’t up until late that I realized that I get to do what I love on a daily. I’m embarrassed, because I’ve taken just that thought for granted in some ways. I’ll explain. Last year I made the mistake of putting my energy into the wrong things. I found myself in a state of frustration and constantly flustered  because I  wasn’t able to do “fashion” all of the time by figuring out  a way to make this my  full-time and steady income. I felt stuck because I still had to commit to working a 9-5, while still attempting to pursue my fashion outlets (blog, collection, business, etc.). Silly me! I fixated on what I wasn’t doing or how I wasn’t progressing, so of course I continued attracting the exact opposite of what I really wanted. I’m sure you might have guessed, I didn’t flourish in the various areas I would have liked. 

Giving up crossed my mind several times. Throwing in the towel, well, yes, l contemplated that as well. Truth is, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit that on many occasions I second guessed my art and my ability to produce or create, but I reminded myself that the most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. 

My wish is that after you’ve read this, you feel slightly empowered and walk away grasping how incredibly important it is to remember that achieving a goal is a wildly exhilarating thing, and if you’re flirting with the idea of giving up, you could be potentially throwing away something wonderfulyour best future. Sure, there’s going to be anxiety about uncertainty and fear about failing, but I encourage you from this day forward to push yourself to keep going. After all, you’ll never know how close you are to succeeding if you quit now!!!

My insta-sister and fellow fashionista Shaq (@shaq_will)  unknowingly reminded me the importance of pursing my passion. She co-launched an amazing company The BRAND Label last year. Each detail  of  her brand commanded my attention and I’m certain her other customers felt the same. From the one-of-a-kind pieces she’s created for her unique line, specifically “created for women in search of who they are today and who they are destined to become through their unique sense of style and creativity,” to the branding and labeling of her boxing, tags, and thank you cards; I can’t express how much inspiration I gained.  

Shaq’s distinctive pieces, are all handmade, cut, & sewn, which encouraged, motivated, and inspired me to get back on the designer path and create once again. Success as we know it is limitless, and it requires hard work, consistency, persistence, and originality; it can however, be achieved. In a God-sent way, her line provided me with an epiphany; I too can be successful on the path I choose by creating my own pieces from start to finish like I had in the past. This time nonetheless, would not confront me being discouraged if the world isn’t immediately receptive to my collection the first time around. Moreover, always remembering that designing fashion is something that sparks the light in me which is one of the ways I ILLUMINATE the world! The irony is this three piece is named “ILLUMINATE.”

I highly recommend you give this brand a look! Why? I’m 100% positive you’ll instantly gain some inspo in some way or form like I did – whether it be feeling good because you look great in these pieces, or inspired in other ways you wouldn’t have ever imagined! Shop all The BRAND Label’s pieces here, too many good finds not to do so! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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