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Hey Lovelies! The countdown is finally over and  Big Sean’s fourth album “I DECIDED” is now out for the world to hear. Those who know me personally, definitely know that Big Sean is hands down my favorite rapper, and Sean Anderson has become one of my favorite persons, in real life. The reasons might quite possibly take forever to actually list. So, in short I’ll just say this, his lyrics always speak to my soul, he’s one of the most humble people ever, his philanthropic gestures are incredibly admirable, and he’s a ball of inspiration. After listening to “I Decided” in it’s entirety, you just might agree with me in recognizing that this is Seans’ time. I’ve run across a multitude of opinions that are similar to mine; all concluding that he just doesn’t get the recognition deserved. His fans proclaim he’s underrated, however he’s letting the world know in his song “Bounce Back” (track three)  that, “THE UNDERDOG JUST TURNED IN TO THE WOLF AND THE HUNGER STEADY GROWS!” How many of you can relate to this? The whole concept of being an underdog is something I’m very familiar with, one day soon I’ll share! 

Nevertheless, many artists go through a period or phase of growth and in lieu of that, they put out material with that same “reinvention” mindset.  However, “I Decided” is Sean’s rebirth album which he claims means so many many things. Most importantly, he explained, “I feel like life is all about the decisions you make, This is what I decided. That’s why I put a period on the end of it – because this is definitive.” Ok, let’s stop right there. How inspiring is that guys? Can you not relate to that, like in real life.?!? I know I can!  How many times have you put you been put in a situation or maybe several that you’ve not made decisions on your own or you were forced to make decisions that you did not necessarily agree with or want to support? I can definitely relate because I’ve been put in many situations left feeling, “geez if only I decided.” Life operates a lot more smoothly when you decide. Reason being, you can only blame yourself if things don’t necessarily work out, or more positively, you can take all credit knowing that because of your decisions, you obtained success, etc.

I’m sure there will be some who don’t support the album because there are only a few “club bangers” but trust me, this album shines in a way that exceeds what club dj’s might want to hear (I mean you can’t expect them to play a track like Sunday Morning Jetpack or Inspire Me and see women twerk off that song, right, lol). Nevertheless, what you can expect is to actually feel something and you even find yourself pondering your future decisions. This album commands your attention and makes you feel, this album will inspire you, this album will encourage you, uplift you as Sean shows you deeper parts of true himself. Rare. Very few rappers  do that nowadays. “I Decided” showcases Sean’s continual evolution as an artist and exhibits his growth and wisdom. Also, in case you’ve only been a fan for his charm, you’ll fall more in love him (lol) after this album because he reveals his real life qualities – hard working, persistence, sacrifices, and gratitude! Mark my words, this is Sean’s best album of his career. If he hasn’t already reached that title, I predict that by the end of the year he’ll earn the best rapper title because he’s bound to continue growing and progressing which we all know is a good pathway for the road of success.

My personal favorite track on this album is “SUNDAY MORNING JETPACK” ……… “Ain’t been to church in awhile/But it ain’t just about how you just praise him in the building/It’s about how you praisin’ him while you out/You taught me to remember that when I get set back/Been through the worst times to get the best back.” In growing up in a strict Christian household I was always expected to go church and not miss a Sunday – rain, shine, sleet or snow. However, in my adult years I obviously make my own decisions and what’s most important is that I exercise my christian behavior day to day, versus only on Sundays. This is track is packed with some much other goodness, but I rather you listen to it for yourselves and take a liking to it because of how it speaks to you.    

Having affiliation with the team, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate Sean on this album which will and is definitely going to hold that number spot for a long time! Zeno, Mike, Lawrence, Amaire, and Mo each of you personally INSPIRE ME! What a blessing it’s been to witness this project from birth stages to the present. Each of your creative talents and skills have personally inspired me. Each of our conversations have provoked me to exercise my own talents and to take the leap of faith to JUST DO IT! Why? Because, I DECIDED!

Please please please stream or download this “I Decided”. There’s also some really dope merchandise that accompanies the album. Visit Big Sean’s shop to purchase his merch. I also hear there’s going to be a few pops in a few cities! Be sure to check those out too if you’re in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, or Toronto. 


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