How To Make Your Statement In Statement Pieces

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Hey Lovelies! There are countless reasons why I love statement pieces…. Although statement pieces can sometimes be intimidating, I wanted to briefly chat about how to make your statement in statement pieces. As your style evolves through time and investment, often times simply dressing become less satisfying. Bluntly put, it’s OK to want to take your look to the next level once in awhile. You see, statement pieces are those items that help you make THAT STATEMENT! When you rock them, you should feel like you’re adding an extra personal touch to your look, which will make it more to you. You’re able to express your personality with statement pieces. They should be unique, catchy, and compliment your character. 

However, before we get into how-to make a statement in a statement piece, here’s a few reasons why it’s important to even incorporate statement pieces in your look once in awhile. 

1. They instantly turn your look from ordinary to extraordinary; adding freshness, elegance, & versatility to your outfit. ?

2. They get me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to be creative, bold, funky, eclectic which makes for much when fun putting together amazing looks. ?

3. They are the perfect tool to use to bring attention to areas of your physique you love showing off. ?

Now the How-to’s….

Statement pieces convey your message, so first things first, determine what your message is. Conveying your personality is a major key to finding yourself when making a statement! Thinking outside the box is also important in finding statement pieces. Think of what you like, how it suits and represents your style.

Personally, I sometimes can attest to being intimidated by adding statement pieces in my wardrobe because of the price. From time to time it’s just fine to make a purchase that might be pricier than your average wardrobe piece. GOOD NEWS, this piece will be apart of you, and it’s important that you want to  assure that what represents you has both sentimental and physical value. Statement pieces are the key focus of your outfit. Statement pieces should be given all the attention they deserve because this piece will be the main difference between a normal outfit and a stunning outfit!

Balance…. It’s quite necessary to keep in mind that one statement piece per outfit is ALL YOU NEED because the objection of the statement piece is to be the focal point of your outfit. If you wear too many statement pieces, you confuse observers and yourself of what message you’re going for and often times it becomes confusing as to what the main intention of your outfit even is. For example, if you’re wearing loads of flashy bling, that may come off as you’re doing too much. On the other hand, if your look doesn’t have any statement pieces whatsoever, that will come off as unoriginal and boring because your look doesn’t showcase any of your personal traits so anyone can wear it! Balance is key, remember that!

All in all, have fun with making a statement in your statement piece. Fashion exists so that we can express ourselves and display our creativity through your clothes. I suggest to never follow rules, especially if it impedes your fun of fashion. Constantly striving to reach the next level should be the aim, but never stray away from staying true to you and your personality. SOOOO, with all that said, find statement pieces and rock with them with the upmost confidence!

Peace and Forever Blessings, MSsignature

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