There’s something about the chemistry between lime and red… I’m slightly obsessed! 

I decided to put aside my GRINCH TUDE (the one I’ve pretty much had all year), and bring some Holiday Cheer to my blog. BUT! Before I rant, I was thinking about how clever the Grinch truly is for having chose such a dope color combo for any everyday wardrobe / skin tone aesthetic, lol. Lime and red might be my new fave color combo. 


I knew I had written for awhile, but I nearly shocked myself when I discovered that I hadn’t created a post for nearly two months! Nine months of pandemic life, and what feels like our new norm, and honesty I have no overwhelmingly compelling excuse. The other day, all I could think was, “HELP!” and in that same moment I wanted to recreate a more positive shift in my life – regaining the motivation and inspiration I’ve seemingly lost.

I will say this, during this time, I’ve learned to become more gentle with myself by not being so overly-critical when I fall out-of-touch with my passions, etc. I identified how often I beat myself up unnecessarily and how much pressure I place on myself to accomplish so many things at once.  Letting things just be and easing up on my microscopically-detailed way of living is what I am so desperately trying to balance.

As I’ve sat to reflect on this year and continue educating myself of the current state of society – learning that more than 200,000 have died and hundreds more are dying daily, millions have lost their  jobs, I have much to be thankful for. Sure, I might not be motivated, my inspiration fluctuates, nor is my excitement to be creative what it used to be. However, at the end of the day, THIS IS FINE! I have health and life and on a larger spectrum, everything else is irrelevant. Life will align again… 

Before all else, praying and tapping into my higher and spiritual self has been my primary go-to. Resting, meditation, stillness, and taking time to myself to do things I love, has followed. I will eventually finding meaning in my creativity and switch-up my routine, but in my time. ACTUALLY, I”ll count this as a start because I challenged myself to tap back into my first love – fashion, and to think a little outside of the box this holiday season. And well, here you have it, a slight remix on holiday colors.

I know myself all too well, and though it is my full intent is to keep going and remain positive, I know I am going to have to work extremely hard at not allowing the added stress of feeling like I can’t keep up not compound my problems nor succumb to feeling less motivated and inspired. 

All that being said, here’s hoping that each of you continue bearing through, remain grateful, lean on those in your corner, make peace with current circumstances and find little joys in “the most wonderful time of the year.” Either that, or try again next year, lol jk. Life isn’t promised so cheer up and push yourself. After all, for the first time I realized, we are all equally in this together! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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