“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” -William Cullen BryanIMG_7264IMG_7343IMG_7268IMG_7303IMG_7379IMG_7240IMG_7251IMG_7319IMG_7233IMG_7288IMG_7364
Autumn is such an amazing season! I love the transitioning period of all seasons to be honest. I especially love that at the very beginning of a new season the weather doesn’t usually change so abruptly which allows you to mix some of your previous seasonal items with new ones. This is exactly what I’ve done here. The denim jumper shown above is something I purchased for my warm summer days, however, I didn’t get the chance to wear it. I figured I could get some wearing out of it this autumn by pairing it with slightly bolder color shades and hues. I personally love plaid, so I paired my denim dress with a rolled up plaid “fall-ish” colored shirt, burgundy velvet bold lace-ups and a brown messenger bag. I felt like a school girl all over again, but also felt girly-chic in achieving this look. Not everything has to be black and white this fall. I’m definitely going to throw in burgundy, royal blue, emerald green, and everything in between into my autumn wardrobe!! 

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