Hey Lovelies! I’m sneaking away to Hawaii for a few days. It’s about that time of the year when my mind and body demands a reset. I typically always travel around this time of the year because I’m so fortunate to have a birthday that falls on a long weekend! Pretty lucky that I earned this ENTIRE trip for free – both flight and accommodations thanks to points! Fun fact, there are so many debit and credit cards that you can rack up perks with simple, everyday spending. If you aren’t enrolled, please research and find a company that suits your needs because you’re totally missing out on some incredibly good deals! 

So, Hawaii….

After a nice five hour nap on my flight from Los Angeles to Oahu, I felt refreshed enough to jump right into an adventure.  Plus, the time change afforded me three extra hours, so I refused to do what I normally do which included catching up on rest, and getting acclimated with the time change. This time was quite different. I checked into my hotel, dropped off my luggage, and awaited my pick-up bus to the location of a helicopter adventure. Oh yeah, first up was a 50-minute sunset helicopter tour over the entire island of Oahu. If you think that’s brave, try taking the tour without doors on the aircraft?!?! That’s right, I took in the natural beauty of Hawaii from the air, with breathtakingly gorgeous views below, while the wind graciously blew my braids, lol. Sorta a once in a lifetime ordeal, I’ll say. Rewind to about three years ago, I actually did a similar tour of Maui. I’m still sorta juggling which helicopter tour was better. It’s been sorta difficult to decide because the views and scenery of Maui were amazingly awesome, BUT Oahu is quite unique itself. Both truly great helicopter rides that I’ll forever cherish. 

I toured with Magnum Helicopters. The company and service earned a 10/10 rating based on the experience I had with them. Included on my 50-minute excursion were the beautiful views of  Keehi Lagoon, historic Honolulu Harbor, Aloha Tower, Koolau Mountains, Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, and Waikiki Beach are all in sight. This portion of the tour was exciting because of the aerial views of the waves and occasional surfers. As we toured the eastern end of the island, we saw the rugged coastlines, discovering Sandy Beach, Makapuu Point, and the lighthouse. The tour also included stunning views of Waimanalo, Mount Olomana, Kailua, Kaneohe and the gorgeous coral formations of Kaneohe Bay. The Bay itself holds several visual treats including Coconut Island, which was used for the opening shot of the TV classic Gilligan’s Island, and the serene waters of the Kaneohe Bay fishpond, initially constructed by the ancient Hawaiians. We witnessed Bay’s sandbar, where boaters gather at low tide, and for distinctive Chinaman’s Hat, known as Mokoli’i. According to Hawaiian legend, the uniquely shaped island was the tip of the tail of a lizard.

Diamond Head, Kahala, and spectacular Hanauma Bay were also amongst the picturesque places we saw from above, but we were most enamored with the views of the storied Jurassic Park (Kaaawa) valley, where scenes from a dozen major motion pictures have been filmed. Perhaps the highlight of the tour is Sacred Falls, a delicate and splendid 1,000-foot cascade. The tour continued along the storied North Shore, with a million-dollar view of world-renowned surfing spots including Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea Bay. We also fly over Oahu’s Central Plain, where we saw the Dole Pineapple maze and the “birthing stones” of Hawaiian royalty. The helicopter tour concluded with an all-encompassing view of Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, and the Battleship Missouri. Jammed packed but well worth it and loads of memories to reminisce on for a lifetime! 

While I’m sure there are a few companies you can do a similar tour with, the generous and kind people at Magnum Helicopters treated us with the most polite service, allowed us to take a million pictures, answered all my gazillion questions, and kept us informed on each detail of the aerial tour. All in all our experience was amazing and I  was really impressed that our pilot was a female, who’s been flying for 12 years! GIRL POWER! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 



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