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Hey Lovelies! We all know the score, “New Year, New….”.  But the honest reality is that after January all those fitness/exercise/health-conscious goals and resolutions are usually forgotten about. In order to achieve a “Happy, Healthy Twenty Sixteen”, my approach this year starts with more realistic goals and expectations. The pressure to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle constantly increases, but what I’ve learned through the years is that you should embark on this journey because you want to, not because you think you should or because everyone else is doing it.

My “Happy, Healthy Twenty Sixteen” plan begins with self motivation. Did you guys know that motivation has to be intrinsic which requires one to be honest with oneself about what one really desires, what’s important, and what it is going to take to get there? This year I’ve decided to be my own anchor by self motivating myself to want to workout and to eat more healthy. Therefore, I will ensure I remain on track. I’m going to be a lot more honest with myself this year as well. I obviously strive to be in the best possible shape physically every year, but in the past, I’ve not always been willing to put in the work it takes to get there. As a result, I’ve fallen a little short of my goals in previous years and because of that my attitude hasn’t always been the best towards exercising. But, I realized that that wasn’t anyone else’s fought but my own. To move closer to my goal this year, I’m going to be a lot more honest with myself to create the best version of me. While self motivation and honesty are two major components I plan to implement in my healthy and happy lifestyle this year, I think it’s also important for me to keep it real with myself. I know that the road will not be easy and I can’t expect to see wonders happen in weeks. Therefore, I plan to set more realistic goals in order to see realistic results. Committing to the power of three is something I also intend to incorporate in my happy, healthy year. Am I the only one who has a billion excuses as to why I am not consistent at the gym? My excuses for not annually renewing my gym membership or wanting to workout at the gym are always the same; that I lack time and results. Nonetheless, instead of making excuses about working out at the gym, I’m changing up my workout routines and committing to different exercise activities three days per week; I might go for a hike, attend a spin, dance, or Zumba class, play golf or tennis, go for a walk, etc.. Variety is good and by switching up workout routines I eliminate making the excuse of getting bored with the same workout routine/activity. 

While working out to maintain a “Happy, Healthy Twenty Sixteen” is important, so is eating healthy and maintaining a good diet. Truth is, they go hand in hand. My intake on protein, vegetables, fruit, whole grain, and plenty of water will be more of a priority this year. I won’t make excuses, I’ll just do it; and I’ll eat for fitness. In past years, I’ve significantly struggled with with reaching goals due to both nutritional and exercise promiscuity. Sticking to this approach seems a lot more achievable this year because I’m adapting these key concepts as a lifestyle rather than trying to stick to a specific program to get results. My “Healthy, Happy Twenty Sixteen” isn’t solely for weight-loss goals or the “New Year, New Goals..” mentality because I’m pretty satisfied with my current appearance. I am more so aiming to manage feasible ways to live as happy and healthy as possible and what better time than now!?! Taking control of my life and living how I desire is all left up to the decisions I make for myself. I choose Happy & Healthy for Twenty Sixteen and for every year thereafter! What about you guys?!? 


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